IJEDST 2017 Volume 5 Issue 3

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Learning style preferences: A study in primary education. Xanthippi Tsortanidou. IJEDST (2017), 5(3):14-19




Learning style preferences: A study in primary education

Authors & Affiliation:

Xanthippi Tsortanidou

Department of Primary Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Thessaly, Greece



This paper presents the research that was conducted at primary school students, aged 11 years, in Greece. Based on Fleming's VAK Learning Style Model, we design two educational scenarios regarding the Acropolis of Athens at the educational platform ''Moodle'', one for students with visual learning style preference and another with auditory one. The objective of this study is to investigate the differences among students with visual, auditory and intermediate learning preferences when they receive matched and mismatched educational material over academic performance, participation, motivation and satisfaction. Specifically, we customize the content and its layout to the learner's learning preference. The results of the experiment show that the users who studied the educational scenario for the visual learning style preference recorded better academic performance and higher levels of satisfaction than the students who studied the educational scenario for the auditory learning style preference. As for participation and motivation, there are no significant differences among students.

Key words: visual, auditory, learning preferences, primary education