IJEDST 2016 Volume 4 Issue 6

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Effects of Nomadic Migration on the Sustainability of Peasant Farming and Food Security in Southwestern Nigeria. Ahmed O. Ogunwale. IJEDST (2016), 4(6):65-71


Effects of Nomadic Migration on the Sustainability of Peasant Farming and Food Security in Southwestern Nigeria

Authors & Affiliation:

Ahmed O. Ogunwale, Ph.D

Crescent University, P.M.B. 2104 Sapon, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Tel: +234-803-538-5838.

E-Mail: asiwaju1@yahoo.co.uk


During the last two decades, nomadic migration has evolved into a major national issue in Nigeria, although in the almost complete absence of any institutional framework or any shared political culture, for its national governance and control. Series of violent communal clashes in recent years have been attributed to the conflict of interest between Fulani cattle herdsmen and host communities. This study therefore set out to investigate, through field survey, the impact of recent influx of nomadic Fulani on the sustainability of peasant farming and food security in southwestern Nigeria. A Respondents Network Model (RNM) was used to locate 76 herdsmen during questionnaire administration while simple random sampling method was employed to elicit information from 120 heads of household at four settlements within the catchment areas. Data analysis shows that climate change, unreliable rainfall regime and gradual disappearance of grasses and eventual desertification of the erstwhile savanna region of northern Nigeria are major push factors for recent influx of nomadic migrants while overgrazing, forceful encroachment into farmlands, security threat, mindless killings, massive rural outmigration, and acute shortage of farm labour are some of the effects in the study area. This study recommends ratification of national legislation to redress the incessant conflicts between the nomads and host communities.

Keywords: Conflict, Host Communities, Nomadic Migration, Respondent Network Model