IJEDST 2016 Volume 4 Issue 5

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Cultivating of Character Values in Learning: A Case Study in a Selected Elementary School in Banjarmasin City. Nur Listiawati

IJEDST (2016), 4(5):51-64


Cultivating of Character Values in Learning: A Case Study in a Selected Elementary School in Banjarmasin City

Authors & Affiliation:

Nur Listiawati

Researcher, Centre of Policy Research in Education and Culture, Office of Research and Development. MOEC Indonesia, Jakarta



This study examined the cultivation of character values ​​by educators in a primary school in Banjarmasin city. The research was done by identifying exemplary principals and teachers in the application of character values, the level of difficulty experienced by teachers in integrating and cultivating character values ​​into learning, and methods in cultivating the values. This qualitative study used a whole school approach and inductive reasoning approach. The study results illustrated that the efforts made by the principal through policy and examples (role models), and by the teachers through integrating character values, incorporating them into learning, and tother ways were successful. This success was inseparable from the role of parents in cultivating the values in their home. Cultivation of values through teachers as role models was in accordance with the results of his/her personality test. Score of discipline, politeness in speaking and attitudes, and responsibility, were primarily associated with the timeliness of their duty at school which scored higher than other characters. There was an association between teacher and student personality score. When the creativity and curiosity score of teachers were low, the creativity and curiosity scores of students in 2nd and 5th grade was lower than the scores for other characters. While the score of the teacher's responsibility was higher than the score for other teacher’s characters, the responsibility score in students was lower than that of other characters (especially in 5th grade). That might be caused by other factors outside the teacher that was not examined in this study.

Key words: cultivation of values; character; wisdom; exemplary; integration